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A space that because it is refurbished has already saved over 2000 tonnes of embedded carbon , combined with a zero carbon operating system, that utilises solar energy to power an air source heat pump that in turn heats an enormous water holding vessel that is used to as an energy storage device, thereby reducing heating costs while contributing to saving the planet.

A space that is funky and cool, which has the most attractive open plan feeling with the building fabric exposed, thereby reducing the need for excessive materials and therefore saving more carbon.

A space where you are close to nature, where living plants are an arms reach away, where you can take a break in an environment that truly helps with wellbeing.

A space where you can become a member of a cooperative that grows its own food. Where you can sit alongside an aquarium with a coffee and simply watch the fish as they assist in the growing of food!

This space is the Biophilic Village in the heart of Swansea City Centre!

Where Nature and Wellbeing are part of your working experience in an unique new way of being.